Still expanding business for Coating, Home & Personal care, Industrial Formulation & Plastics. Sales is estimated to reach US$ 11 M by end 2013.
Setting up sales offices in Malaysia and Indonesia. We anticipate a good growth for Catalite with these exciting expansions in place. We achieved US$ 6.0 M, and US$ 2.2 M for Thailand, and Malaysia respectively.
Continued business expansion with the distribution of many chemicals from MNCs including BASF Intermediates. Our sales reached US$ 3.5 M
The product portfolio was further expanded with the distribution of complete range of ethyleneamine from Delamine B.V.
Entered to chemical business. Started distributing chemicals to electroplating & textile industries. Strengthened our position in the formulators segments with distribution for Thai Ethoxylate
Established in Bangkok (Thailand) . It started with commercialization of polishing materials for Ophthalmic & Precision Optic Industry